#WCW: In defence of Nicki Minaj

It is currently the trend to hate Nicki Minaj and I am tired of it. As an eight year long Nicki supporter or Barb as she affectionately calls us, I have heard and argued against every Nicki Minaj criticism thrown at me. "She sold out and went pop" - Why? Because she has a diverse catalogue …

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#MCM: Tyler, the Creator

With several TV shows including his new cartoon 'The Jellies', number one albums, an annual music festival, a media channel, critically acclaimed self-directed music videos and a clothing line, all achieved before the age of 26, Tyler, the Creator is definitely someone who inspires me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSbZidsgMfw I will never forget watching the 'Yonkers' music video. My …

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Underrated Rihanna Songs

I read an article recently that named Rihanna songs that should have been singles. A few of my favourite Rihanna songs didn't make the list and these are songs that deserved to. The article named songs like 'Consideration' and 'Love Without Tragedy' which are fan favourites that are already celebrated although not officially released as …

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