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I am verrryyyy late to the party with 67. My friends and Twitter timeline have been talking about 67 for a while. And by a while I don’t mean months; I’d go as far as saying I am at least a year and a half behind, maybe even two.

I promise it won’t happen again.

It wasn’t until I saw their interview with DJ Vlad on YouTube autoplay that I finally took notice of the South London collective.

My favourite members are Dimzy and LD. They effortlessly ride beats and their verses are usually the highlight of 67’s songs.

One of my favourite 67 songs is ‘Church’ off their ‘Let’s Lurk’ project. ‘Church’ is a solo effort from LD where he details a stay in jail where he spent time listening to Drake and watching EastEnders. The production is great, as is LD’s flow, storytelling and energy.

Another is ‘Traumatised 2’. This song is one of the rare moments where multiple artists feature on a song and everyone with a verse is consistently as good as the other.

Every 67 member brings something different to this track but all of them compliment each other and tell their own story.

Monkey’s bro is the plug in prison, LD is wacking up opps, Asap’s got bitches on their knees, Liquez has got shotguns and macs and Dimzy can do work with a stainless steel.

There’s no hook, just verse after verse of bars. ‘Traumatised 2’ is also one of the best beats on ‘Let’s Lurk’


Below are in my opinion, seven of 67’s best songs

1. Church


2. Jump Out Gang


3. 5am Vamping


4. Traumatised 2


5. 44s in a 4 door


6. Take It There


7. Waps

The combination of London culture with Drill music is what I love about 67.

They’re raw, unapologetic and every member brings something different to the group.

Let me know in the comments what you think of 67 and if you have any suggestions of who I should listen to next.


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