Rebelle Loves… 67

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I am verrryyyy late to the party with 67. My friends and Twitter timeline have been talking about 67 for a while. And by a while I don’t mean months; I’d go as far as saying I am at least a year and a half behind, maybe even two.

I promise it won’t happen again.

It wasn’t until I saw their interview with DJ Vlad on YouTube autoplay that I finally took notice of the South London collective.

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Don’t touch (or tell me what to do with) my hair.

Twitter is slowly becoming my least favourite social media platform. It has its perks but also many flaws; a major one being that everyone feels the need to comment on any and everything; including things that don’t concern them.

I’ve noticed recently that a popular topic of discussion is Black women’s hair. Black women seem to be condemned whatever style they choose. Their unpermed edges are laughed at as loudly as a lace front wig on another.

In my opinion, no one but the individual Black woman should decide how she styles her hair. Whether that be a natural style, chemically processed, a  wig or hair extensions. Twitter, however, doesn’t agree.

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