Underrated Rihanna Songs

I read an article recently that named Rihanna songs that should have been singles. A few of my favourite Rihanna songs didn’t make the list and these are songs that deserved to.

The article named songs like ‘Consideration’ and ‘Love Without Tragedy’ which are fan favourites that are already celebrated although not officially released as singles.

What about the overlooked album cuts that are often ignored?  I decided to write my own list of Rihanna songs I think are underrated and unappreciated.

Cold Case Love 

‘Cold Case Love’ is 6 minutes long and allows Rihanna to show off a vocal range and musical style that we don’t usually see from the singer. The song sounds as though it was recorded acoustically and the lyrics tell a vivid narrative of a tumultuous relationship. I might even go as far as arguing that this is one of Rihanna’s best songs.

Sell Me Candy

‘Sell Me Candy’ showed that Rihanna could mix her Caribbean style with R&B long before ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Work’. When performed on tour, ‘Sell Me Candy’ was energetic, sexy and fun- much like present day Bad Gal RiRi

Say It

‘Say It’ samples dancehall artist Kobra’s ‘Flex’ to produce an R&B song where Rihanna is questioning the true feelings of a lover. ‘Say It’ didn’t need to be a single but it is definitely one of her best album cuts.


Rihanna is seductive in her fashion but ‘Skin’ is the first song I heard from Rih where she fully ventured into bedroom territory.

Watch N Learn


I am still grudgeful and angry that the best song on ‘Talk That Talk’ was not a single and was ignored. ‘Watch N Learn’ is the perfect mix of Caribbean flare and R&B. I remember Rihanna tweeting the lyrics to this song and The Navy speculating that she was filming a music video.

Unfortunately, I’m still impatiently waiting for it.

Sex With Me

I can’t think of any flaw in this song. The production, the lyrics, the attitude and the live performance are all flawless and perfectly Rihanna. I love ‘Work’ but ‘Sex With Me’ was also a strong contender for lead single of the ANTI era

Man Down

I love that Rihanna has never moved too far away from her Caribbean roots. ‘Man Down’ is my favourite of her reggae songs and the video was a cinematic experience with a good narrative

Loveeeee Song

I still find it hilariously petty that Rihanna did a song with Future after publicly feuding with Ciara. The song is timeless and one of Rihanna’s best collaborations. It was refreshing at the time to hear R&B from Rihanna after a string of Pop singles.

As Real As You and Me

Home (2015) was the first 3D animated film with a Black protagonist.  I’ve seen so many pictures of young black girls dressing up as Rihanna’s character Tip and it was amazing to see their joy at seeing themselves represented as a heroic cartoon character with hair and skin like theirs. As well as being a great movie, Home also had a good soundtrack.

I won’t ruin the movie but ‘As Real As You and Me’ plays during one of the most emotional scenes in the movie and even after watching it a million times, I still cry every time I see it.

As much as I love reggae, sultry, R&B and seductive Rihanna, vulnerable and emotional Rihanna is great too.


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