Review: Rain Drop, Drop Top, Every Song on Migos’ Culture is a Bop, Bop

In brief, it’s lit!


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Migos know they’re lit and they bring this energy to their sophomore album ‘Culture’.  Every song on this album is perfect for a party turn up or the strip club, much like their prior bodies of work.

Not every member of the trio, Quavo, Takeoff and Offset, appear on all songs. This is an unusual move for a group but it works. It reiterates that although Migos are a collective, they are made up of three individuals who all have varying sounds.

Each member is given the chance to outshine the other. For example, on ‘Slippery’, Quavo is the most valuable player, on ‘Get Right Witcha’ it’s Offset and on ‘Big on Big’, it’s Takeoff.

There is little I dislike about the album. My only two criticisms would be that some songs are a little too long and repetitive. Lastly, ‘Culture’ could have done without the obnoxiously loud and annoying DJ Khaled feature in the intro. We see enough of Khaled on Snapchat; his presence in music is becoming oversaturated.

A few songs that stood out were ‘Slippery’ featuring Gucci Mane, ‘Brown Paper Bag’, ‘T-Shirt’, ‘Get Right Witcha’ and of course ‘Bad and Boujee’, the number one song with lyrics that have formed my last few Instagram captions.

I hope Migos follow through on their promise of releasing Takeoff’s ‘Bad and Boujee’ verse and that they consider then scrapping Lil Uzi Vert’s. After the ‘Yah Yah Yah’ adlib, Lil Uzi Vert offers nothing but rambling that makes the song an unnecessary near six minutes long.

Anyone unfamiliar with Migos should start with the ‘Young Rich Niggas’ mixtape and ‘No Label 2’.

Migos are a heavy presence in my music collection.  See below for my personal Migos top ten featuring songs from older projects.

10. Say Sum

9. Fema

8. Payola

7. Hannah Montana

6. Freak No More

5. Built Like Me

4. M&Ms

3. Cocoon

2. Handsome and Wealthy

1.Fight Night

Comment below what you think of Migos and let me know what album I should listen to next.


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