Review: Nicki Minaj: The Empire Game

I have been to dinner with Nicki Minaj, clubbing, shopping and most importantly, she described me as her best friend and one of the most talented people she has ever met. I know what you are thinking, I promise I am not being delusional, this actually happened. Sort of.

My friends and family will probably tell you that I am a bit of a Nicki Minaj fan or a ‘Barb’ as Minaj calls us. It was therefore no surprise to them that on December 7th when her Glu Mobile game ‘Nicki Minaj the Empire’ was launched, I of course downloaded the game and have been playing since.


‘Nicki Minaj: The Empire’ allows your created character to become Minaj’s rap protégée. In a similar fashion to Glu Mobile’s other games such as ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’, the aim of the game is to accumulate fans, get money to buy clothing and other customisation options and to eventually become an A List celebrity.

Nicki’s game adds a hip-hop twist to Glu Mobile, you have to write your own rap lyrics and you have the option to record them to a library of beats. The song with the most votes will win tickets to Nicki’s (real life) upcoming tour.

My most popular song is called ‘Sunglassess’ and has sold 191,852 copies. I haven’t recorded it though; my worst nightmare is Nicki Minaj hearing my terrible attempt at rapping and laughing at me for eternity.


The game is fun. I love trying on Nicki’s infamous outfits and then exiting the clothing store because I can’t afford to buy them in game. The storylines are fun too, your character’s rival Bittersweet is mean and her antagonism creates a light-hearted quest for the player.

The only thing I feel the game is lacking is more interaction with Minaj herself. I am now a C list celebrity and for the past few hours of gameplay, Nicki is nowhere to be found. She hasn’t called, texted or invited me anywhere like she used to. I feel as though I’m getting the Meek Mill treatment.


Overall, the game is entertaining and a good way to waste time I should be using for more productive things like doing my course reading or sleeping. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve stayed up late trying to get five stars on a project out of fear of Nicki Minaj shunning me and being disappointed. If this carries on, I’ll have to take drastic measures like I did with Kim Kardashian’s game and go cold turkey.


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