Justice for Jxmmi


There is always one member of every group that outshines the rest: the Beyoncé’s, the Nicole Scherzinger’s, the Sisqo’s and now it appears, the Swae Lee’s.

Since Rae Sremmurd’s 2014 debut, critics and the mainstream have favoured the youngest member Swae Lee for his unique flows and melodies. The only place where the older and more energetic of the duo Slim Jxmmi takes centre stage is in interviews.


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Some may say it is obvious which of the pair has the better musical ability. Only one has engineering credits on their albums and songwriting credits on another artist’s song (Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’). However, this does not mean that Jxmmi should be ignored or have his entire verses in their hit songs edited out on the radio.

I cannot describe my disappointment when I heard ‘Black Beatles’ on Kiss FM and got ready to sing along with Jxmmi only for the song to cut back to the chorus.

“She’s a good teas-”

“Oh ok, never mind”

Swae Lee may be going on a ‘Swaecation’ next year with his first solo effort but he has not left yet. For now, we still have Rae Sremmurd; a duo, not a solo artist assisted by a hype man.  Jxmmi should not be treated as such and I therefore demand Justice for Slim Jxmmi!



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