Review: Rain Drop, Drop Top, Every Song on Migos’ Culture is a Bop, Bop

In brief, it’s lit!


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Migos know they’re lit and they bring this energy to their sophomore album ‘Culture’.  Every song on this album is perfect for a party turn up or the strip club, much like their prior bodies of work.

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Farewell Obamas: In the words of YG and Nipsey Hustle: FDT

Happy Anniversary. 💕

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Of course I’ll miss the charismatic, poised and graceful President Barack Obama, the United States of America’s first ever Black President.

I remember my form tutor playing his inauguration speech in morning registration. History had been made and I couldn’t have been more excited and proud.

But at the same time, Michelle being First Lady meant just as much, maybe even more.

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Review: Max Payne 3


I bought Max Payne 3 as a part of Game’s 3 for 2 preowned game deal. I only wanted Saints Row IV and Far Cry 3 but I added Max Payne 3 as it was cheaper than the other two and who wants to miss out on getting anything for free?

I left the game in a drawer for a while, more preoccupied with shooting pedestrians with a dubstep gun and flying through the skies of Steelport in Saints Row IV. But that got boring very quickly and when it did, I remembered I had Max Payne 3 hiding underneath old bank statements.

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