#MCM: Why Konan is my favourite person to follow on Snapchat

(Source: Instagram)

Nothing out of the ordinary happens on Snapchat anymore.

Aside from DJ Khaled getting lost at sea and later live streaming the birth of his baby, it is rare to see anything on the platform other than the same old things: Dog filter selfies, flower filter selfies, face swaps, girls lip syncing to songs, men lifting weights in the gym and celebrities showing off with their jewellery.

It therefore takes a lot to capture my interest in a Snapchat story and prevent me from continuously tapping the screen to make the repetitive BS stop.

Konan, known for his songs ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ and ‘Freak of the Week’ along with his group mate Krept, is refreshing and innovative with his Snaps.

The reoccurring segment ‘Konan makes shit’ (complete with its own theme music and title sequence) has taught me how to make green smoothies, ackee and saltfish, and use a rice cooker.

His ‘Ice Cream Stories’ has let me know that if I am ever lucky enough to meet him, I should acknowledge his celebrity and not ‘play dumb’ in the hopes of not appearing to be a groupie. If I do, I’ll get an ultimate side-eye from both Konan and his entire entourage.

These segments as well as his daily plug of his song ‘I Got Sauce’, his ad libs on popular culture and his everyday life are exactly what my Snapchat homepage needed; non generic and original entertainment that actually makes me laugh; something that Snapchat is beginning to lack.


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