#MCM: Why Konan is my favourite person to follow on Snapchat

(Source: Instagram)

Nothing out of the ordinary happens on Snapchat anymore.

Aside from DJ Khaled getting lost at sea and later live streaming the birth of his baby, it is rare to see anything on the platform other than the same old things: Dog filter selfies, flower filter selfies, face swaps, girls lip syncing to songs, men lifting weights in the gym and celebrities showing off with their jewellery.

It therefore takes a lot to capture my interest in a Snapchat story and prevent me from continuously tapping the screen to make the repetitive BS stop.

Konan, known for his songs ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ and ‘Freak of the Week’ along with his group mate Krept, is refreshing and innovative with his Snaps.

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Worldstar Hip-Hop’s ‘Questions’ is officially no longer funny.

“If Y-E-S spells YES, what does E-Y-E-S spell” and “What’s 13 minus 50” with the infamous response “God Damn 47″: two of the most infamous questions and answers from the YouTube mini-series ‘Questions’ where host Dan Hilarious travels across the USA asking by-standers seemingly simple questions.

I found the show funny at first. The ignorance of the individuals who could not answer ‘What the capital of the USA was”, “what continent Paris was in” and “What the eighth month of the year was” allowed viewers to feel superior and laugh at the inability of the participants to answer basic general knowledge trivia.

Every American should know how many stars are on their flag right?

However, after conscious thinking and noticing a pattern in the groups of people who appeared on ‘Questions’, I stopped laughing and realised that Dan was doing more than just be inquisitive.

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