Rebelle Loves… 67

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I am verrryyyy late to the party with 67. My friends and Twitter timeline have been talking about 67 for a while. And by a while I don’t mean months; I’d go as far as saying I am at least a year and a half behind, maybe even two.

I promise it won’t happen again.

It wasn’t until I saw their interview with DJ Vlad on YouTube autoplay that I finally took notice of the South London collective.

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Don’t touch (or tell me what to do with) my hair.

Twitter is slowly becoming my least favourite social media platform. It has its perks but also many flaws; a major one being that everyone feels the need to comment on any and everything; including things that don’t concern them.

I’ve noticed recently that a popular topic of discussion is Black women’s hair. Black women seem to be condemned whatever style they choose. Their unpermed edges are laughed at as loudly as a lace front wig on another.

In my opinion, no one but the individual Black woman should decide how she styles her hair. Whether that be a natural style, chemically processed, a  wig or hair extensions. Twitter, however, doesn’t agree.

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PS4 Review: Watch Dogs

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On paper, Watch Dogs sounded exciting; An open world game that players were free to hack into and manipulate to suit them.

Overall I enjoyed this game and I am excited to begin playing the sequel, Watch Dogs 2. There were some flaws however which I feel were very disappointing and let down what could have been an amazing game. Like the ctOS system that the player spent the game hacking and destroying, there were too many faults.

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Underrated Rihanna Songs

I read an article recently that named Rihanna songs that should have been singles. A few of my favourite Rihanna songs didn’t make the list and these are songs that deserved to.

The article named songs like ‘Consideration’ and ‘Love Without Tragedy’ which are fan favourites that are already celebrated although not officially released as singles.

What about the overlooked album cuts that are often ignored?  I decided to write my own list of Rihanna songs I think are underrated and unappreciated.

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Don’t take Twitter’s relationship advice

I texted one of my friends yesterday and it took an hour for them to reply. According to Twitter, I should cut them off because they don’t value our friendship and only speak to me when they are bored. What Twitter failed to consider was that said friend was at work and couldn’t reply at the instant second Twitter and its memes demand.

Maybe it’s just the people I follow but it seems as though everyone on Twitter is insecure and has serious trust issues. Is it really that deep to cut off a friend or significant other because they don’t reply ‘lol’ to the Kermit the Frog meme you sent them within seconds? Is it too much to believe that people are too busy in the real word to constantly be on their phones and ready to reply at any given second?

Maybe the society we live in encourages it. Being in the bathroom isn’t even an excuse anymore as people read emails and reply to texts whilst using the toilet as if that isn’t unhygienic and, to be honest, a bit weird. It sickens me to think of someone replying to one of my messages in between flushing and wiping.

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Rebelle Loves… Alkaline

Most of my childhood memories are soundtracked to Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Bounty Killa and Buju Banton.

My Mum was/is a die hard Beenie Man and Elephant Man fan but even she cannot deny the greatness of the now incarcerated Vybz Kartel. Kartel dominated dancehall and although he still releases great music whilst behind bars (‘Hi’, ‘Fever’, ‘Hey Addi’), it can be said that there is notably a difference without his heavy presence in the dancehall scene.

I know I am not alone in saying that I miss Vybz Kartel.

Whenever I tell people that Alkaline is currently my favourite dancehall artist, I get two responses: either agreement or disgust. With the latter, I receive a lecture on how the artist is merely a Kartel imposter.

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Seven albums/mixtapes I’m looking forward to in 2017 ​

Drake ‘More Life’ due 18th March 2017 


By The Come Up Show [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

If I got paid every time I thought we had a release date for ‘More Life’, I would be able to afford Drake’s pricey Calabasas estate. The playlist, not mixtape, by the Canadian superstar, has been subject to an array of false starts, pushbacks and delays but it seems Drake has finally decided on a release date.

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